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In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world, we understand that it requires focus and dedication to secure a business, ensuring the security of data, infrastructure, and assets is paramount. At ProMiles Cyber, we recognize the unique challenges that transportation and logistics industry enterprises face and are committed to delivering tailor-made security solutions that drive results and offer peace of mind.

We specialize in understanding the transportation and logistics space based on the over 30 years of experience that ProMiles Software Development Corporation has in the transportation and logistics space. This experience in this industry enables us to preemptively address its unique security needs and deliver relevant, effective, and cost-efficient solutions.

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Proactive Vigilance

We believe in anticipation rather than reaction. We want to ensure our client's digital assets maintain minimum risk against breaches and vulnerabilities by staying ahead of the curve and understanding emerging threats. We cannot remove risk; therefore, we must work to educate and support those risk-reduction efforts.

Innovation and Expertise

In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, standing still is moving backward. We are committed to continuous learning, adapting, and leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies, ensuring our clients receive best-in-class protection.

Client Empowerment

Beyond providing solutions, we aim to equip our clients with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain a secure digital environment. We foster transparent communication, ensuring our clients are informed, aware, and confident in their cybersecurity posture and acting as a guide in their cybersecurity journey.

Consulting Services

Managed Security Services

Secure your fleet, streamline your logistics, and safeguard your bottom line with expert-managed security services.

Managed Detection & Response Services

Fortifying Every Entry Point, Every Second.

Endpoints are frequently targeted gateways for cyber attackers. By implementing a comprehensive MDR solution, businesses can safeguard these gateways, ensuring uninterrupted operations, data protection, and resilience against a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

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Managed SIEM

Turning Data into Defense: 24/7.

The vastness of digital data can obscure signs of cyber threats. A comprehensive SIEM solution combs through this expanse, detecting subtle patterns indicative of malicious activities. With managed SIEM services, businesses gain an eagle-eyed sentinel, ensuring their digital domain remains secure, compliant, and continuously monitored.

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Secure E-Mail

Managed Email Security & Filtering

Guarding Your Primary Line of Communication.

Every email carries with it the potential for risk. In fortifying this mode of communication, businesses not only prevent a significant number of potential security breaches but also ensure that vital communication flows seamlessly. With our service, you can channel your focus towards core business activities, confident in the knowledge that experts protect your email communications.

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Security Awareness Training

Empowering Your Team to Be the First Line of Defense.

Cyber threats often exploit human vulnerabilities more than technological ones. Through a well-informed team, businesses can deter many potential security breaches and foster a proactive security culture. With our expert training, your organization gains security and an empowered workforce confident in its digital interactions.

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Mobile Endpoint Security

Our Mobile Endpoint Security is a specialized solution to protect mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks running Android and IOS from emerging cybersecurity threats. This service focuses on safeguarding these devices from malware, data breaches, and other security risks inherent in mobile computing.

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Empower your transportation and logistics business with unmatched cybersecurity services from ProMiles Cyber. Let us manage the complexities of cybersecurity so you can focus on what you do best: delivering excellence.